Rocket League's Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Pack Coming September 24

2 years ago

Rocket League is adding more Hot Wheels branded in-game cars and cosmetics together with the Hot Wheels Triple Threat downloadable content pack coming to all platforms on Sept. 24.

Developer Psyonix is partnering with Mattel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels with paid DLC, free arena and customization items, and physical toys. The 2 have collaborated together for in-game and retail with Hot Wheels DLC last year plus the Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set trapped on video tape.

The Hot Wheels Triple Threat pack contains three battle-cars modeled as soon as the toy cars?Fast 4WD, Gazella GT, and MR11. Each car will come with four unique decals alongside the ‘Gorilla,’ ‘Snake,’ and ‘Spider’ toppers which have been “straight from the Hot Wheels canon,” in line with the studio’s announcement post.

All players get two toppers, an antenna, a flag, a few wheels, plus a banner for nothing in spite of for males DLC. The newest Wheels Rivals arena may also be added into the game totally free, a common Rocket League arena decorated when using the toy’s iconic orange roads and loops.

Additionally, Mattel is going to be releasing the?physical Hot Wheels Rocket League 5-Pack to participating stores in mid-October. The rest of die-cast toys include a few cars mentioned as well as?Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker cars released as DLC recently. “Specially-marked packs” will also consist of a code to unlock a fashionable in-game DLC item, ‘Hot Hot Wheels.’


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