One Piece: World Seeker TGS Trailer Presents High Stakes, Dastardly Villain

2 years ago

One Piece: World Seeker saw a fresh trailer revealed at Tokyo Game Show, sufficient reason for it a slew of new story details.

Streamed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, a clip provides a look at the turmoil Luffy with the exceptional crew end up drawn into on Jewel Island. Controlled from the enigmatic and cunning navy prison warden Isaac, the island has formed an anti-navy resistance group to look at back their freedom. Unfortunately, Isaac and his awesome forces are stronger compared to what they anticipated, and it’s about Luffy in order to turn the tides before they along with hopes are quashed. The type of part of the anti-navy faction, Jeanne, looks to experiment with a central role inside plot, giving the Straw Hats good reason in becoming active in the power struggle. It’s also hinted during that Isaac has his motives and ambitions not in the government’s goals, with navy hitman Rob Lucci dealing with him in a very brief cutscene.

The full trailer can be viewed below.

Set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2019, One Piece: World Seeker places players in an open world environment where they’ll utilize Luffy’s Devil Fruit abilities for traversal, exploration and combat. The action also features an innovative story and characters as well as cameos by old favorites. For additional over the game, look into another of the hottest trailers.


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