Destiny 2 is Happily Breaking its Mold

2 years ago

As Bungie actively pushes out an increasing number of info on Destiny 2: Forsaken, fans, critics and perhaps those on the brink have Destiny 2 to the lips. It has been fluttering around between other titans in the field, and even while Destiny as the name has quite the legacy of ups and downs, there are persisted onward with Bungie along at the helm and the community actively prepared there side. Say what you should about Destiny 2, however the facts are Bungie is dedicated to make the want Destiny become a reality with both what they have to and players can anticipate from now on. Destiny 2: Forsaken marks a new chapter; even when than the Taken King’s release, there’s just something up that feels different – Bungie is going all in site happily break their game to do it.

If you missed a specific trailer last week showing a few of the slick new arsenal headed Guardians way, then do by yourself the following favor and go watch it. The background music helps with the- hype.?Notice anything this trailer? Yes it’s true, hundreds of weapons and armor pieces used to do some pretty wild things. Twin seeking rockets. Boots that get better projectiles. Arrows that induce thunderstorms. Arrows that work through walls! You will naturally leave smiling from that as being a Destiny fan, when Bungie announced Forsaken they provided certain to suggest many times that they can wanted to break their particular game. When the exotic weapon and armor updates are anything thing to elapse, they have been steadily creeping towards all the more ridiculous play. Personally, the inkling finds that anytime laser tag weekend happened the outcry from players for this explosion of hijinks appearing for your briefest of moments at last in Destiny 2 was the signal to Bungie that things was required to change.

When Destiny 2 released it became quickly noticeable that play felt a tad stagnant as compared to its predecessor. The structure was there with certain features being improved but without random weapon rolls or another chaotic systems baked into Destiny missing from Destiny 2 this didn’t seem exactly the same game. Looking to Forsaken the near future looks brighter with random weapon rolls returning alongside such chaotic exotics it’s certain to push Destiny 2 towards a position it will come in all along. It’s exciting thinking about how a field of PvE and PvP will alter ever since weapons won’t be locked right into a specific perk structure. Destiny 2’s future holds a mess of fun just waiting that occur with Forsaken taking Guardians up.

It’s not only the arsenal but other major improvements. Last weekend players discovered an exquisite secret within Destiny 2 whispering within the void (now seen to appear every weekend). It shot a jolt throughout the player base and Bungie was happy to provide information for plans of the exact same thing but matching the complete games scale. Out would be the weekly Milestones which run a similar mill drudgingly from week to week not offering up much in the way of content rather than acquiring powerful gear or seeking fecal material gear wanted. This is a bland cycle that settles little. With the entire system of how players will tackle challenges awaiting them from the galaxy shifting into a space where rather than running a mill and truly having something to chase if a search or perhaps a secret – Guardians ought to have something to accomplish while feeling something was gained with any play time. That word “hobby” is on offer again, simply because it should, as Destiny 2 might finally are the hobby it really wants to be.


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